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How To Choose The Best Sounding Digital Piano For The Beginner

Do you love to play the piano but hate the way your current one sounds? Many times, we buy a digital piano on a whim without doing much research. It is just something we have always wanted and really do not put much time into the consideration.

However, this purchase should be made just like any other, with a good deal of thought and research. If you are short on time or just hate the thought of browsing countless websites, we have done all the work for you and found the best sounding digital piano.

There are many people who feel that a piano is a piano, and there is no difference in sound. This is the same as saying a car is a car. Is there no difference between a Honda and a Maserati? There is a real reason why one piano may only cost $50 while the one a few feet away costs $1000.

When digital pianos are created some are created with much more finesse and fine-tuning. The engineers put more time into creating a true sound that is truly beautiful. More at

If you are looking for your very first piano, it is important to understand that you are not paying for the best of sound. You are looking for something that is inexpensive and plays reasonably well.

As your art form continues to grow, then you can choose to upgrade to a better digital piano. However, for a first choice, there is no reason to spring for all the bells and whistles.

With this in mind, an excellent choice is the Casio Privia PX-130. This digital piano has such a high quality that it is durable enough for the beginner and intermediate player.

One of the reasons, you are getting such high-quality sound is due to the 4-level stereo sampling system including Linear Morphing technology. This makes the PX-130 a perfect choice for either the home or semi-professional setting. More at