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Trond Lamp Reviews

Finding a good desk lamp should never have to be difficult now. You can use the Trond lamp that is available on the market nowadays. Trond Halo 9W-C dimmable LED desk lamp is very suitable for you who are looking for the best desk lamp.

There are a lot of good reviews about this lamp. This lamp can provide useful features and benefits for all users. You need to take a look at these features before you decide to start using this type of desk lamp in your home or office. More at

1. Eye protection system

This is the first feature that you can enjoy from this desk lamp. This lamp has innovative light system, in order to provide anti-glare daylight and also flicker-free light.

This system allows you to read or study under this desk lamp without having to feel tired or exhausted. Its color temperature range of 5800 to 6000 K is very good for your eyes.

2. Extra long gooseneck

trond lamp

You will have flexibility when using this desk lamp. It is very easy for you to move around the light from this lamp. Its extra long gooseneck has about 50 cm or 19.7 inches length. You will be able to adjust the angle of the light from this desk lamp easily. You can direct the light to any areas quickly.

3. Several light levels

trond led desk lamp

There are up to 3 light levels that are offered by this desk lamp. This desk lamp comes with powerful touchable dimmer. You can simply press this power icon that is located at the top part of its lamp head.

You will be able to turn on or turn off the lamp from this desk lamp easily. You can also adjust three different brightness levels, in order to meet your lighting needs.

4. Enhanced brightness

trond desk lamp

This desk lamp comes with premium diffusion film that is invented by SKC Haas in South Korea. This film is able to increase the lamp brightness for up to 50 percent.

This diffusion film is also useful to increase the visibility angle of this lamp. As the result, this lamp can provide larger lighting area than any other common desk lamps.

5. Sturdy and durable metal clamp

You will be able to adjust the position of this desk lamp easily. This desk lamp comes with sturdy and strong metal clamp. This clamp is able to open up to 1.65 inches width.

You will be able to place this desk lamp on any pianos, music stands, computer desks, office tables, and headboards, and any other places. This metal clamp is also covered with protection pad, in order to prevent any possible scratches on your furniture.

It is the best time for you to purchase this high quality desk lamp from Trond. You will never have to worry with your experience, especially when using this powerful desk lamp. This product is covered with its 30 days money back guarantee. This warranty can ensure that you are satisfied with all benefits and features from this Trond lamp. More at